Cat tracking Collar w/ GPS and camera option

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A Pet Detective developed this new collar for finding cats with GPS, RF, Camera and light up options.

The Glow Track Cat Collar lights up to keep your cat visible and safe from cars while also keeping wildlife safe from them.

Available at

It's made as a loop with no buckle, so it slides off if snagged on something. This also makes it easy to remove when your cat comes in. The curved end has a light button that clicks it on and lasts for about 100 hours if left on constantly. I only turn mine on when he's out at night.

The battery IS replaceable if the light in your cat collar ever gets dim, you can get a new one for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

The GPS tracker tags are sold separately as is the Kitty Cam video camera accessory and holder.

The GPS cat collar tracking device has a SIM card already in it ready to go. Comes with a magnetic charger dock.

The camera lasts for days on a charge and has a motion detection mode so only comes on when your cat is moving. It also has night vision and comes with a cable for recharging.

It has a tiny SD micro card you pop out to see the footage of what your cat has seen and been up to whether outside or while you were at work :-)

Now you can keep your cat safe and seen, day or night.

Track your cat the simplest way there is: LIGHT!

It's the no fuss, no wires, no cables, no chargers, no remembering to do anything every night.

Keep up with your cat with my invention, the Glow Track Cat Collar.


Collar is under $20 at at


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