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★ In-Depth Review with additional photos: (written from our dog's perspective!)

The Fi GPS Dog Collar is an innovative dog tracking collar which can be used to track your dog's location, activity and steps. If your dog spends time off-leash, has a tendency to run away or escape, or you simply want to track your dog's activity and have a backup plan in case he goes missing, then this GPS dog collar may be just what you are looking for - especially given its 'lost dog mode' which is specifically designed to help you find your dog quickly if they do get lost.

In this review of the Fi GPS Dog Collar we talk through some of our key features of the collar and its accompanying app, and show you what the collar looks like in real life when our dog wears it.

Some key features that I LOVE:⁠⠀
1.) Exceptional battery life
2.) Live location tracking
3.) Multiple home base 'safe zones'⠀
4.) Interchangeable straps
5.) Step counter and ranking against other Fi dog users
6.) Robust and waterproof GPS device


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